What is Living Lands NFT?

Living Lands NFT, is a project with the purpose to revolutionize the NFT space by providing unmatched art and unmatched returns. Living Lands NFTs pay you every year for staking! We’ve started with the purpose of providing yearly passive income to everyone that joins us in this BLUE CHIP investment oppurtunity we are offering in the NFT space.
We operate as a REIT- Real Estate Investment Trust, Collecting monthly profits from all ventures to provide a great yearly dividend.


We plan to leverage high-return real estate assets and bitcoin mining with advanced market tracking solutions to generate a desirable return on investment and create a desirable yearly income for all our investors. Our investors will earn rewards in their favorite cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT MATIC, SOL, and more to come)  We anticipate that the NFT bubble created by the multitude of copycat projects without real-world value will pop soon, leaving millions of investors with junk NFTs. We are providing a way for investors from all walks of life to acquire NFTs with real-world utility that will become even more valuable as time passes.

Collection Information

First Collection Size: 10,000 Unique Land NFTs
Mint Price: 400 matic
First collection will consist of 10 unique base regions 1000 of each region, Every Nft will have different layers to ensure NO 2 NFTs are the same,
Each NFT will earn same rewards (ex. #1 and #9999 will perform the same) By taking out the rarity aspect to start We will be able to provide fair returns to every staker. Hopefully this will incentivize all minters to stake upon our JUNE 25TH LAUNCH.

+ FUTURE Metaverse Utility TBD by team  + FUTURE P2E Gaming


Each NFT will be Earning 25%-50% dividends per year!

100% of capital raised goes to setting up passive income for our holders!

Our first priority is to return the capital we raise for each collection and depending on market fluctuations we can do that within 2-4 years conservatively. (In all reality, with a $100k Bitcoin, price it could be as fast as 12 months Before every air drop sent to stakers is pure profit)

NFTs that are staked are Locked for 1 year at a time. NFTs will earn Dividends Yearly for life.

All Earnings are paid one Time per Year to Maximize Returns.

How We Intend To Generate Income and Pay Rewards

Real Estate

Living lands will invest in high-income real estate development projects in communities in need of affordable housing by developing/purchasing apartment buildings. We currently Own and Manage 3 Properties.
All monthly Income generated will be added to the community fund to be redistributed yearly.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining is another channel through which the Living Lands project will generate income and pay rewards to our investors. We will purchase 500-1000 units of the BITMAIN Ant Miners by May 2024. Bitmain MINERs are one of the most efficient high-quality miners to market they offer functionality on SHA-256 and Scrypt algorithm.

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Jared A
Joe S
Community Advisor/ HR Specialist
Javeed S
Lead Artist and Video Creator
Blockchain Engineeer/ Automation Specialist
Summer H
Lead Mangement
Viorel H
NFT Project Advisor/ Backend Developer
Cardone Capital
Real Estate Advisors/ Managers

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Living Land is a project on a mission to revolutionize the NFT space forever. It is the first project to offer NFTs that provides a secure and safe annual percentage yield. We offer NFTs that Earn 25-50% dividends per year, You can think of the NFT as if it was your ticket into the show.

Through Real Estate and Bitcoin Mining.

1. Mint or Buy a LivingLand NFT.. 2. Stake on our Website.. All earnings will be airdropped to staked wallets..



-Connect To MetaMask on MATIC MAINNET -Select # of NFTs to mint (No Limit Per Wallet) -Complete transaction, Check your OpenSea account to check out your Living Lands NFT

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