About Living Land NFT

We leverage high-return real estate assets and Bitcoin mining, with advanced market tracking solutions to generate a desirable return on investment and creating a desirable yearly income for all our investors. In other words, the Living lands project aims to provide all investors with a guaranteed stream of yearly income! Our investors will earn rewards in their favorite cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, MATIC, SOL)  We anticipate that the NFT bubble created by the multitude of copycat projects without real-world value will pop soon, leaving millions of investors with junk NFTs. We are providing a way for investors from all walks of life to acquire NFTs with real-world utility that will become even more valuable as time passes. The recommended strategy to make the maximum returns when investing is to acquire a portion of Living lands NFTS, lock it for the long term, and forget about it. You will watch as your returns pile up every year. At Living Land, one of our top priorities is to return all our investors’ capital as soon as possible, and we plan to do so within the first 1 – 4 years, depending on market fluctuations. In a bid to provide a seamless experience for all our investors, we have built the Living Lands project website, to handle All MINTING/Staking that will be done with our project.

Key Principles


In Living Lands, our goal is always to be upfront and clear about how we plan on earning each reward every year. And where the money will go! All the digital properties sold in Living Lands are tied to real-world real estate properties and New highly efficient BTC MINERS. that are currently receiving monthly revenue and will start to supply monthly revenue to our staked rewards “FUND”.  The best part is that we will keep NFT holders and all members of the Living Lands community up to date with quarterly progress reports on all our current ventures and the profits they should be expecting as the year comes to an end.


Another key principle our project is built on is service to others. We aim to provide a place to live for thousands of families in need while creating generational wealth for all our investors.


At Living Lands, we aim to leverage our simple process to change the world. We intend to start now, and we plan to continue until the last bitcoin is mined in 2140.


Our primary objective is to gain the trust of all our investors and keep that trust for decades to come by delivering an unmatched level of consistent profitability. The project’s founder intends to build a platform that will provide stable and consistent passive income every year for the average person. We collectively hope that Living Lands revolutionizes the entire NFT space on its way to becoming a reliable source of income that many can live off someday.

Collection Infomation

First Collection Size: 10K Mint Price: 200 matic First collection will consist of 5 unique base regions 2000 of each region Each NFT will earn same rewards (ex. #1 and #9999 will preform the same) By taking out the rarity aspect to start We will be able to provide fair returns to every Staker, Hopefully this will incentivize all minters to stake to upon drop.
Our NFTs will have Amazing ART and Amazing Utility.

+ FUTURE Metaverse Utility TBD by team + FUTURE Development to let Stakers place other NFTS they own on this land + FUTURE P2E Gaming

The Roadmap

With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

NFT Economics

In Living Lands, we will automatically return all the monthly income generated from our ventures to the Living Land fund. This strategy will allow the funds to grow with the expansion of the crypto market and the Living Lands project. Dividends/rewards will be distributed to all staked wallets holding Living Lands NFT assets at the end of every year. In the same vein, the platform will charge a two percent Royalty fee. This fee will be pooled directly back into the reward fund, where it will serve as a bonus for all stakers. For instance, a $300 NFT will earn somewhere between $80 and $150 every year, That’ll be airdropped directly to your connected wallet.

The Leadership Team

Jared A
Founder & CEO
Marketing Advisor
Drew H
Blockchain Engineer
Joe S
Human Resource Professional
Viorel H
Project Advisor
Web Designer
Snoopy Designs
Blockchain Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

Living Land is a project on a mission to revolutionize the NFT space forever. It is the first project to offer the first digital land NFT that provides a secure and safe annual percentage yield.

Our NFTs will have Amazing ART and Amazing Utility. The first collection will start with 10,000 NFTS with 5 base regions!

Yes and No, every NFT is created with different metadata and slightly different properties. There will be 2000 of each base region released to be collected for a total of 10k. We hope by starting our project and collection like this, we can put a spotlight on our Utility which is massive staking rewards! We will be adding Features so you can add NFTs from other projects to interact with your LivingLands NFT while its staked.

MAY 21 2022

Click this link for instant access to all social media accounts and discord server! https://linktr.ee/livinglandsnft